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Aug 26, 2014

PEZ Grandstand Displays for Sale

I'm selling all my wonderful grandstands that I used to display my PEZ on.
These are the Showtime Displays made by Dick from Illinois 
They are designed for the PEZ with feet, thick or thin. 
There are:
4 - 6 tier heart stands - PEZ shoes not included (retail $49.95 each)
11 - 6 tier stands (retail $49.95 each)
2 - 5 tier stands (retail $39.95 each)
2 - half sized 6 tier stands ($26.95 each)

As for my asking price, I'm flexible. Shipping on these wasn't cheap, but I couldn't wrap that up in my asking price since I'm selling them for pick up. But I'd like to get about half their original price, maybe could go a little less. If you are in New England or are heading this way and are interested in these, let me know.

Aug 25, 2014

PEZ Sighting

One of the frustrations I had with buying PEZ was that I live in a dead zone for new PEZ. I was at Walmart, and the new PEZ they had were the Muppets and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Ugh. So I was always having to buy online at a little premium. Oh well, that wasn't a big issue. So anyway, I was at Rite Aid the other day, and what do I see in August? New Halloween dispenser. Sheesh.

Aug 20, 2014

Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more at Pastor PEZ Store

I'm having a special offer in my PEZ Store. Typically I offer free shipping to anywhere in the US for orders of $100 or more. But through Sunday night (8/24), all orders of $35 or more are shipped for free! Go visit my PEZ Store at (Sorry about sending out the wrong link tot he PEZHeads Yahoo Group.)

International orders are charged the actual cost of shipping. Please email me the list of PEZ you'd like to order, and I will weight the PEZ and get you the shipping options and prices.

Aug 11, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles available on

For those looking to pick up the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle PEZ, but can't find them locally, they are listed in the store here. For those keeping track, this is version C of these characters from the 90's, and who also have a new movie coming out. There were 56 of version A (unless you want to throw in the teal stem and teal mask versions). Thankfully there were only 4 of version B. And as for now, there are only 4 version C.

Jul 20, 2014

New Barky: SOS Furry Friends 2014

A whole new Barky Brown PEZ has been released. While having the same shape as the other Barky's, this one is silver and departs from the Barky/Barkina sets of the past 4 years. This one has SOS Save Our Strays on the stem, as well as a webpage address to their website. On the front it says "Love Is?" "A Furry Friend" These are limited to only 250 pieces, and is available only from the Animal Welfare League of Australia for $19.99 plus shipping.

As I wind down my PEZ collecting, it's hard not to jump on this piece. At one point I had every single publicly released Barky/Barkina PEZ. Thankfully several have sold through my PEZ Store and have found new homes.

Jul 5, 2014

Pastor PEZ Store Open, But I'm Out of Town Until July 13

The Pastor PEZ Store is still open, but I will be out of town until Sunday, July 13. Any orders placed from now until then will ship on July 14. Thanks PEZHeads for the support with my store. I'm happy to help so many wonderful collectors fill some holes in their collection

Jun 30, 2014

Trivia Question! - Soccer PEZ

How many soccer ball PEZ have been released by PEZ since 2008? There are a slew of new soccer PEZ for the world cup that are coming out, so remember to count them!

Jun 24, 2014

My Hurricane Katrina PEZ on ebay

I've listed my prized Hurricane Katrina PEZ on ebay this week. The auction is due to close on Sunday night. There were a limited number of each of these made by PEZ at the request of a collector. The original proceeds went to support disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast.  I had them in my collection for only a year and a half and they were wonderfully taken care of.

Here's the link to the listings if you would like to place a bid :)

Jun 18, 2014

PEZ in Montreal

Got this question from a reader regarding PEZ in Montreal

My wife will be going to Montreal, Canada this weekend with her family (unfortunately I can't go). I was wondering if you could put the question out to all your readers, where are the best places in Montreal to get Canadian Pez? Thanks!


If you know, please leave info in the comments section below. Thanks!

Jun 10, 2014

PEZ Trucks Sale in my PEZ Store

Now through Saturday at midnight, save 20% off all trucks in my PEZ Store!
Lots of C, CR, D, E, Haulers, and even Joe's and Misfits.
Score a deal and do a PDOJ by filling in some holes in your collection!
Click on the store tab at the top of this page.

Jun 9, 2014

PEZ Heads Group on Yahoo

Anyone else saddened by the sudden decline of posts to the PEZ Heads group on Yahoo? I understand it was a really vibrant community a decade ago. When I joined 3-4 years ago, there were still several posts a day. But now it seems like it had dropped to just a handful a week. I understand that much of the discussion has moved over to Facebook, but I think the PEZ Heads group did itself in with the stoppage of the PEZ Head of the Month (PHOTM). That was a sad day which only expedited the decline of people participating in the group. A new wave can join in at anytime and get things going again I suppose, but I guess with all the information available on Facebook posts, people have gravitated toward that medium. Beside, Facebook is instant. Now-a-days, it can take a full day to get your post moderated on the Yahoo group, which is a little crazy.

May 27, 2014


So, over the years as I collected PEZ, I would get newer PEZ with fresh candy, and purchase some older PEZ that were still mint on card with the candy. The candy is OK (well, not the old stuff, but the fresh ones), but not my favorite, so I would only eat some of the packs. What to do with all the extra candy? As a collector, you can't just throw it away, right? Look at my hoard of candy. It's anyone's guess as to how much is in there.

May 23, 2014

Save 10% at the Pastor PEZ Store

Now through Tuesday morning (EST), save 10% at the Pastor PEZ Store when you use the discount code SAVE10. Click on the "Apply Promo Code" on the checkout page.

Plus, the same great shipping rates apply. Only $5 flat shipping charge for orders under $100. For all overs $100 or more, shipping is free!!! These rates are available only to US addresses. For international orders, please contact me first, and shipping will be the exact cost it is for me to ship to you internationally.

Also, remember to scroll down with your arrow keys to view your cart and to click the checkout button. If you use the scroll bar, the cart keeps hiding. Sorry about that. Also, you can go directly to your cart by going to

Thanks! And Happy Memorial Day.

May 13, 2014

PEZ Curious - A Site To Buy and Sell PEZ On

Richard B., one of the guys who has done the most to advance the hobby of PEZ Collecting has been promoting a new site called PEZ Curious where sellers can list and sell PEZ for a better price than they would get on eBay. Here's what he's sent out to the PEZheads Newsgroup recently:

I'm always looking for the next big thing to help our little community of PEZ Collectors. Looking for that place to buy, sell, trade or even just talk PEZ.  I found and hosted which was a cool place for collectors to talk PEZ, that was before everyone jumped to Facebook.  We also found the site,  We asked people give a try.  It worked and still there are over 700 PEZ items for sale on ebid.  Sorry, It just wasn't as big as eBay.  eBay is big, but they also get a BIG cut of your sales.  
Recently, I had a new web site contact me.  They told me about their fee structure.  So, I played around on the site and it's not bad.  It should work very good for us PEZ Collectors.

How it works: Simply join the marketplace dedicated for PEZ collectors

BUYERS- Buy with confidence. Pay using Paypal or credit card. Paypal backs it's buyers with their Paypal Buyers Protection Plan. Plus if anything goes wrong with the transaction, PEZ Curious will assist you in resolving the issue within 14 days of purchase.

SELLERS- It's free to sign up and list items For Sale! Listings last 45 days before they can be renewed.  Fees, They take only a small percentage if your items sells (6%). No surprises, you see all fees (including Paypal fees) BEFORE your item is posted. Sellers using Paypal are backed by Paypal's Seller Protection Plan.  Please take a minute, check out the site.  If you have PEZ For Sale, why not list it there.  Give it a try and lets see if and lets see if we can make this place a great place to buy and sell PEZ collectibles and other candy dispensers!

The "Cost" difference between selling on eBay and PEZ Curious
An eBay item sold for $76 plus $4 shipping...
eBay fees 10% on final selling price & shipping total $8.00
Seller will pocket $68.00 using eBay (before Paypal fees)

If the same item sold on PEZ Curious for $76 plus $4 shipping...
PEZ Curious 6% on final selling price & shipping- total $4.80
Seller will pocket $71.20 with PEZ Curious


Curious?  Sure, but are you- PEZCurious?  I know you are!


Of course, I'm a little biased for my store: Pastor PEZ Store :)

May 9, 2014

One Week In!

The Pastor PEZ store has been open for a week now and I've filled dozens of orders. Keep in mind that most of the items I only have one of, so if you are thinking of getting something, don't wait too long. Also, when I first opened the store, it was hard to find the Mini PEZ from Japan. I added their own category now for easier access. Only a couple of sets sold (sorry, one was one of the mini x minis everyone is looking for) bu there are still tons there.